SCC services the small business and home computer user in the Greater Toronto (Ontario) Area.

 We specialize in the setup of Windows, MS Office, the Internet, web pages, training and networking.

  • Independent advice about hardware and software suppliers
  • Satisfy your needs and goals with a tailored system/network
  • No need to deal with multiple suppliers directly
  • Hardware setup as required in a proper environment
  • Software installed and customized expressly to your needs
  • Experts in trouble-shooting and in dealing with the suppliers
  • Performance optimization of the hardware and software
  • Peer to peer networking for data sharing
  • Course material is specifically tailored to your needs
  • Individual or group training
  • Short or long classes
  • Web sites



Contact Information

Addin Katz

Tel: 416-782-1209

Postal address
903 - 130 Neptune Drive
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1X5


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SCC has been in business since 1994.